Being Human is a Guesthouse

12 Dec


Every day a new arrival.  Be grateful of who arrives because each one has been sent as a guide.   Not quite the exact quote written by Rumi, the 13th Century Persian poet but the way it works for me.


This past weekend we have had the most lovely group stay here with us, a Fellowship retreat based around the teachings of Islam.  A group of Muslim families who came together to pray and give praise.

It was a dark winter weekend in December but the group brought so much joy and love to the complex that the sky seemed to brighten around them.   The sky glowed the brightest orange every morning, yes it was just a sunrise but it really was beautiful each morning they were here.

I spent hours chatting with different members of the group all weekend, trying to learn what I could about a faith I confess to know not a lot about.

I did learn a lot from my incredibly knowledgeable guests,  but most of what they spoke about I knew to be true already.

I believe that a persons faith, belief or religion has nothing to do with whether they are good or bad.  I believe all people are good, but some can be badly influenced by interpreting the world in which they live in differently to others.

I do feel very proud to live in Glastonbury, a town that boasts of over 70 different faiths or beliefs living in harmony together.  I suspect there are not many places in the world that welcomes all.  Everyone has a story and a part to play in the coloured history of this Somerset town.



It made me smile when the members of the Fellowship Retreat went for a walk up the Tor and got lost.  Not smiling because they got lost, smiling because on their way they found some of the colourful characters of Glastonbury.  They were helped by everyone they met.  One group said a lady dressed in colourful velvet and walking 4 wolves showed them how to make it back to Middlewick.  Another group said that a man with a long white beard that looked like Santa or Merlin lead them back down the path to the cottages.

I did giggle when I thought about what a lovely site that would have been on Glastonbury Tor.





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